The National Youth Conference, a Christian outreach for Church of Christ youth for over 50 years, continues to attract participants to its annual summer activities.

The year 2020, however, has brought about the COVID – 19 Pandemic which has caused widespread closings and cancellations of public and parochial schools, charter schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and public gatherings. It has impacted even the National Youth Conference.

The National Youth Conference, scheduled for July 18 – 23, 2020, will not convene at Abilene Christian University, as planned originally. Your National Directors are currently examining options that are “encouraging to young people and will motivate youth to serve God.”

We extend our prayers for a national healing and an aura of safety for all people! Upcoming events, including the possibility of a virtual conference, will be communicated within the next few weeks. The 2021 National Youth Conference will be held at Abilene Christian University. (Exact date to be announce)


E D Wyrick
National Youth Conference Director/CEO


The purpose of the National Youth Conference

To motivate youth to be faithful, loyal and true to the work of the church

To guide youth in the right direction that will lead to strong leadership for the cause of Christ

To associate with young people from other geographical areas who share the same interests To give youth the privilege of self-expression, an opportunity to work together, exhibiting their personal worth, abilities and God-given talents

To stimulate youth to become involved in their communities and to extend a Christian influence in confronting contemporary issues

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